Film Lamination

Examples: Menus, Placemats, Identity Cards, Outdoor Posters and Signs
Single or double sided lamination.
Permaseal recently acquired a two-side lamination line that runs up to 100 feet per minute. We are one of a very few companies with access to this technology.

Custom Index Tabbing

Examples: Plastic Tab Coating, Die Cutting, Mylar Reinforcement, One to Ten Hole Drilling
Ability to run 5,000 to 8,000 tab dividers per hour. 

Tag Stringing

We operate high-speed tag machinery allowing for hole punching and tag stringing.

Brass Eyeletting and Hole Reinforcing

Examples: Industrial Worksheets, Outdoor Signs, Instruction Worksheets like the ones found in auto stores
Capability to insert brass eyelets into documents and Mylar reinforcing of binding sides.

Transfer taping

Examples: Mailing Envelopes, Hospital Lab Sheets, Business Reply Mailers, Informational Stickers for Cars on Sale, Police Citations on Car Windshields
Specialized equipment places transfer tape on printed sheets with varying degrees of adhesiveness to suit many needs. 


Examples: Cookbooks, Instruction Manuals, Notebooks
Options include both plastic coil and wire book binding and the ability to punch 80,000 sheets per hour in a variety of hole schemes while collating the sheets, if desired.

Round cornering, paper cutting, shrink wrapping and label gluing

Copier tabs

Produces blank index dividers in collated sets for high speed copiers.